Combustion chamber KK1-DB3 OVAL

 110,00 (+ IVA/ex-VAT)  134,20 (incl.IVA/incl.VAT)

Combustion chamber for KK1 and MKZ engines, is characterized by the oval-shaped dome, it must be paired with the pistons with 4 ° head cod 2615, squish band inclined at 4 °, available with 3.10 mm height.


Combustion chamber KK1-DB3 OVAL

This combustion chamber guarantees an increase in power at high revs, significantly improving the acceleration and speed of the kart. Furthermore, thanks to the particular aluminum alloy with which it is made, knocking phenomena are considerably reduced. To be combined with 4-degree head pistons.

Squish height 0.9 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.120 kg

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